Lawrence Durrell Bibliography - Poetry & Plays

Below is a list of publications of Lawrence Durrell's poetry and plays. For his other work, see the menu on the right.

Lawrence Durrell: Selected Poems

edited by Peter Porter


A short (64 page) collection of Durrell's poems published in 2006 by Faber, edited and with an introduction by Peter Porter.


Collected Poems 1931-1974

Edited by James A Brigham


A complete collection of Durrell's printed poems (excluding verse dramas) published up to 1974.

Vega and other Poems


The Ikons and other Poems






Selected Poems 1935-1963

Edited by Lawrence Durrell


An updated edition of the 1956 Selected Poems, published by Faber.

An Irish Faustus: A Modern Morality in Nine Scenes


A verse play. See the links & resources section for a review of the 1964 Hamburg production.

The Tree of Idleness and other Poems




Sappho was a verse play, which caught the imagination of Margaret Rawlings on its publication in 1950. She made a public reading of the play in 1952 and finally performed in it at the Edinburgh Festival in 1961.

On Seeming to Presume


Regarding this collection, Durrell wrote to T.S. Eliot: "I think that some are OK, some so-so and some wonderful."

Cities, Plains and People


In 1946, Durrell wrote to a friend regarding the reception of Cities, Plains and People: "I was surprised to find that while one group of papers thought it dry and scholarly, another thought it full of "audenesque gags" and the atmosphere of the '20s."

A Private Country


Durrell's first professionally published poetry collection, released by Faber.

Quaint Fragment


A small and early collection of poems, printed on a friend's printing press. Throughout his career, Durrell delighted in producing his own small volumes of his work, usually in very limited quantities.