Lawrence Durrell Bibliography - Humour

With Lawrence Durrell, "humour" means Antrobus. Below is a list of the Antrobus publications. For his other work, see the menu on the right.

Antrobus Complete


There's little to add to the title of this book. It's the three Antrobus books listed below, collected in one volume.

Sauve Qui Peut


The third volume of Antrobus tales.

Stiff Upper Lip


The second volume of Antrobus tales. The New York Times received this less warmly than the first volume, saying: "The trouble with "Stiff Upper Lip" is that it does little more than remind the reader how much fun its predecessor was."

Esprit de Corps


The first volume of Antrobus tales. The Antrobus stories were inspired by Durrell's exerience of life in the diplomatic corps, and especially by the time he spent in Yugoslavia, bored, restless and particularly sensitive to the absurdities of the lifestyle. Shortly before publication, Durrell wrote to a friend about Esprit de Corps: "It is a joke—rather coarse material; but these short stabs sell frightfully well."