Lawrence Durrell Bibliography - Biographies & Letters

Below is a list of biographies of Lawrence Durrell, and books containing his correspondence. For his other work, see the menu on the right.

Lawrence Durrell—a Biography

by Ian MacNiven


This extensive authorized biography by Durrell expert MacNiven is essential reading for anybody interested in the life of Lawrence Durrell. Unfortunately, the hardback edition is now out of print. A paperback edition is apparently imminent, but has yet to appear. In the meantime, this one is definitely worth the effort of tracking down.

The Durrell Miller Letters: 1935–1980

Edited by Ian MacNiven


Not to be confused with the earlier, slighter edition of their letters (A Private Correspondence) The Durrell-Miller Letters is a monster of a book, packed with the correspondence of a 45-year friendship. It's an exremely illuminating and engaging read, and makes a fine companion to editor MacNiven's biography of Durrell (see above).

Literary Lifelines: The Richard Aldington—Lawrence Durrell Correspondence

Edited by Ian MacNiven and Harry T Moore


Ian MacNiven crops up yet again, this time as co-editor of this collection of letters between Durrell and the writer Richard Aldington.